4M history

How an "independent" Islamic Kashmir will be like Switzerland

Acid thrown at girls for not wearing burqa (The Hindu, 10 Sep 2001)
Exodus of Hindu families from Kashmir (Dawn, 11 Jan 1990)
"Freedom fighters" explain when to throw acid on your sister (Hindustan Times, 16 Mar 2002)
Happiness of women in Islamic Kashmir (The Hindu, 12 Sep 2001)
"Secular" Muslim League to women: Wear veils or face "concrete" action (The Hindu, 10 Sep 2001)

Tiananmen Square agitation

Cong(I) Secretary: Agitation was conspiracy by multinational companies (The Hindu, 24 May 1989)
CPI(M) explains why students needed to be shot (The Hindu, 7 Jun 1989)
Jyoti Basu on Chinese students (The Times of India, 22 Jun 1989)

The Kindness of Tippoo Sultan

Tippoo loved by his people (The Times, 15 Nov 1790)
How Tippoo fought for freedom (The Times, 26 Jul 1788)
Tippoo's humane treatment of non-Muslim prisoners (The Times, 10 Apr 1792)
Tippoo's treatment of women and children (The Times, 11 Jun 1791)
Tippoo's treatment of Hindu temples (The Times, 11 Jun 1791)
Tippoo makes an example of infidels (The Times, 31 Dec 1791)
Tippoo's kindness towards infidels of Carnatic (The Times, 11 Jun 1791)
Tippoo's kindness towards infidels of villages (The Times, 01 Dec 1791)
Universally loved and respected by troops (The Times, 05 Oct 1786)
Advantage of being Tippoo's friend (The Times, 22 Dec 1790)
Hyder Ali, the gift of God (The Times, 03 Mar 1791)


Mussolini receives Gandhi (The Times, 14 Dec 1931)
Gandhi's secret meeting with Mussolini (New York Times, 13 Dec 1931)
Gandhi inspects Fascist black-shirt groups, visits Fascist Party Secretary (New York Times, 14 Dec 1931)
Gandhi gives the Fascist salute (The Times, 15 Dec 1931)

Moplah "Freedom" Struggle

Muslims support Khilafat (The Times, 29 Aug 1921)
Islamic "freedom fighters" offer Hindus death or Islam (The Times, 05 Sep 1921)
"Freedom fighters" force Hindus to convert to Islam (The Times, 02 Sep 1921)
Hindus become refugees after Muslims fight for "freedom" (The Times, 01 Sep 1921)
Muslims fight for "freedom" by murdering Hindus (The Times, 27 Aug 1921)
"Freedom fighters" terrorize Hindus (The Times, 01 Sep 1921)
Islamic "freedom fighters" murder infidels (The Times, 31 Aug 1921)
"Freedom fighters" entrench around mosque (The Times, 02 Sep 1921)
2000 Islamic "freedom fighters" assemble in mosque (The Times, 27 Aug1921)
"Freedom fighters" use Turkish emblem in flag (The Times, 25 Aug1921)

Indian Communists

Jiang hails CPI(M) support for China (The Times of India, 14 Mar 1990)
CPI, CPI(M) celebrate Lenin's anniversary (The Times of India, 22 Apr 1990)
CPI toes Soviet line (The Hindu, 21 Jul 1963)
Jyoti Basu shocked at "vilification" of Stalin and Lenin (The Times of India, 24 Apr 1990)
Communists in a fix over conspiracy to remove Ceausescu's Marxist humanism (Hindustan Times, 6 Jan 1990)

Hindu Mahasabha opposes "People's Revolution" (The Hindu, 5 Mar 1952)
Counter-revolutionary peasants attack Communist (The Hindu, 10 Jul 1969)
Communist leader MN Roy says rationalism traced to Christian theology (The Hindu, 11 Feb 1952)

Rajaji on Communists and "civil liberties" movements (The Hindu, 11 Feb 1951)
Rajaji explains policy on Communists (The Hindu, 11 Mar 1951)
People's attitude towards Communists (The Hindu, 16 Feb 1951)
JP opposes "People's Revolution" (The Hindu, 1 Feb 1952)

"Red terror" in West Bengal (Hindustan Times, 6 Jan 1990)
Call to take up arms against CPI(M)'s terror (Indian Exppress, 14 Feb 1990)
Rajesh Pilot for sten guns to fight Marxist repression (Indian Express, 22 Jan 1989)

Communist Revolutionaries raid Guntur village (The Hindu, 10 Feb 1951)
CPI(M) burns houses to bring equality by spreading homelessness (Indian Express, 21 Dec 1988)
CPI(M) Revolutionaries in "tactical surrender" of arms! (Indian Express, 4 Oct 1988)
Brave Revolutionaries murder bourgeoisie in Telengana (The Hindu, 27 Mar 1951)
Communists raid Kurnool villages (The Hindu, 4 Jan 1951)

Communists and Chinese invasion of India

Letter explains Indian Communist stand on China war (The Hindu Weekly Review, 19 Nov 1962)
Chinese lobby in CPI paves path for Chinese invasion (The Hindu, 15 Jul 1963)
Communists justify support to China, say China "almost" agrees for peace (The Hindu Weekly Review, 28 Jan 1963)
Comrade Nehru confesses not adopting resolution against China (The Hindu Weekly Review, 28 Jan 1963)
Communists congratulate China, condemn Indian "reactionaries" (The Hindu Weekly Review, 28 Jan 1963)
People express support for CPI, set fire to its office (The Hindu, 1 Nov 1962)
EMS Namboodripad defends China against Indian imperialists (The Hindu Weekly Review, 22 Oct 1962)

Life and Times of Comrade Jawaharlal Nehru

New York Times calls Comrade Nehru a fanatical Communist (The New York times, 15 Dec 1931)
Comrade Nehru is our liaison between Moscow and India: Communist Party leader (The Times, 27 Aug 1928)
Comrade Nehru to join wife in Nazi Germany after friendly Britain releases him from comfortable prison (The Times, 4 Sep 1935)
Nehru dupes crowd in salt-making hoax (The Times, 11 Apr 1930)
"My policies influence the world!" : Comrade Nehru (The Hindu, 23 Jan 1951)
Comrade Nehru tries for Nobel Peace Prize by making a valiant speech (The Hindu, 13 Jan 1951)

Ambassador for Red China and Peking's Permanent Representaive in New Delhi, Comrade Jawaharlal Nehru

Nehru lays down admission of China to UN as condition for peace in Korea (The Times, 15 Jul 1950)
Comrade Nehru: Red China is Democratic, should get rightful place in UN, none of India's business to dislike it! (The Times, 12 Sep 1950)
Comrade Nehru to press for Red China's admission to UN (The Hindu, 3 Jan 1951)
UN names China aggressor, India under Comrade Nehru opposes Resolution (The Hindu, 3 Feb 1951)
Comrade Nehru criticizes UN for branding China as aggressor (The Hindu, 13 Feb 1951)
China rejects truce (The Hindu, 29 Mar 1951)
Nehru says keeping Red China out of UN is unjust (The Times, 11 Jun 1955)

Indian Communists on Stalin

Communists cable their concern over Stalin's health (Hindustan Times, 12 Mar 1953)
Comrade Nehru expresses deep concern over Marshal Stalin's illness (Hindustan Times, 6 Mar 1953)
Comrade Nehru calls Marshal Stalin's genocide as great achievements, lowers flags to half-mast to mark his death (Hindustan Times, 7 Mar 1953)
Communist Party of India eulogizes Marshal Stalin (Hindustan Times, 7 Mar 1953)
Stalin was of great stature: Comrade Nehru in Parliament (Hindustan Times, 7 Mar 1953)
Marshal Stalin was for peace: Comrade Nehru in Parliament (Hindustan Times, 7 Mar 1953)
Stalin a great figure, won admiration of vast number of human beings, charges of genocide immaterial: Nehru (Hindustan Times, 7 Mar 1953)


Comrade Nehru blames Indians for depending on government (The Hindu, 12 Feb 1951)
Comrade Nehru imitates China (The Hindu, 18 Jan 1955)
Comrade Nehru opposes private enterprise (The Hindu, 30 Mar 1952)
Comrade Nehru puts India on the "Road to Serfdom": Editorial (The Hindu, 30 Mar 1952)
Comrade Nehru makes Congress the tool of Stalinism (The Hindu, 18 Jan 1955)
Comrade Nehru wants to be the pioneer of Stalinist Revolution (The Hindu, 17 Jan 1955)
Nehru says he was inspired by Vladimir Lenin (The Times, 22 Jun 1955)
"Social" control over Banks (The Hindu, 11 Jul 1969)
Leading banks nationalized (The Hindu, 11 Jul 1969)

Indian Civilization

Researcher says Aryans originated in India (The Times of India, 20 Apr 1990)
Inoculation in India (The Times, 7 Oct 1789)
Macaulayite education superior as it teaches New Testament! (The Times, 11 May 1833)
Red Fort and Taj Mahal much older than Shah Jahan (Indian Express, 26 Sep 1988)
Afghanistan to return portals of Somnath Temple (The Hindu, 29 Mar 1951)