SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 25 Jan 2007

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. Billy Graham's son waits for him to die

    Franklin Graham, the son of Christian evangelist Billy Graham, is now waiting for his father to die so that he can build an amusement part around the grave and charge tourists money for visiting the place. He has even hired consultants who worked for Walt Disney Corporation!
    The building, designed in part by consultants who used to work for the Walt Disney Co., is not a library, she says, but a large barn and silo a reminder of Billy Graham's early childhood on a dairy farm near Charlotte.
    The plan to build a tourist center has resulted in bickering among the family members. Jesus, who offers miracle cures, has not kept Billy Graham in good health.
    Retired and almost blind at 88, the evangelist is sitting in his modest log house on an isolated mountaintop in western North Carolina and listening to a family friend describe where Franklin Graham, heir to his father's worldwide ministry, wants to bury his parents.

    Billy's wife, Ruth Bell Graham, is listening, too, curled up in a hospital bed on this bleak November evening. At 86 and 100 pounds, she has degeneration of the spine, which keeps her in constant pain.
    . . .
    His rugged face remains impassive except for something Ned notices: Hes grinding his teeth.

    His dad, he says, does this when he's upset.

    Meanwhile, at a potential entry charge of $39.95 per person, Franklin Graham waits to make a killing.

  2. Supreme Court dismisses terrorist's plea

    The Supreme Court of India has dismissed the plea of Mohammed Afzal, who was responsible for bombing the Parliament of India a few years ago. Did we tell you that Pakistan is closely watching the situation?

  3. Professor proves Aryan Invasion Theory using Aryan Invasion Theory!

    Mark Stoneking of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany has proven the Aryan Invasion Theory using the Aryan Invasion Theory!

    According to his paper titled 'Independent Origins of Indian Caste and Tribal Paternal Lineages,' the caste system in India is no more than 3500 years old because Romila Thapar says so.

    Moreover, the caste system was elaborated only within the last 3500 years [2,17], which constitutes a rather short period of time for observing such dramatic differences in Y chromosome variation between caste and tribal people at a pooled-data level.
    . . .
    It therefore appears that Indian caste and tribal paternal lineages derive from independent sources.
    Reference number 17 - on which the Professor bases his claim - is a paper written by people who base their ideas on the assumption that the Aryan Invasion Theory is true.
    Gadgil, M., and Thapar, R. (1990). Human ecology in India: some historical perspectives. Interdiscipl. Sci. Rev. 15, 209–223
    Thus, in a display of academic brilliance, Stoneking uses Romila Thapar's claim that Aryans invaded India and introduced the caste system, and goes on to prove that Aryans invaded India and introduced the caste system!

    You can contact Mark Stoneking at if you wish to congratulate him for his brilliant piece of work which proves a Nazi theory and furthers the field of Circular Logic. Don't forget to copy your emails to SABHA and the members of the management of Max Planck Institute, whose email ids can be found here.

  4. J&K cops bust madrassa spreading peace

    Police in Jammu and Kashmir cracked down on a madrassa from which the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba recruited its members.
    In a startling discovery, police in north Kashmir have stumbled on a full-fledged recruitment cell of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in a 'madrassa' in Sopore.

    The Dar-ul-Shamas-ul-Uloom has been in existence for the last six years, police said and claimed that it was in fact a clandestine recruiting centre for the Lashkar.

    However, human rights organizations are expected to protest this move as madrassas actually spread the message of peace. A few months back, Milli Gazette reported that the syllabi of madrassas had nothing objectionable in them.
    CABE Committee on Regulatory Mechanism for Text Books (RMTB) set up by HRD ministry to examine whether the syllabi of religious madrasas and RSS-managed schools contain matters spreading communal hatred, has given a clean chit to madrasas and confirmed in its report that no objectionable matter is taught in madrasas and their books contain nothing which may promote communalism or religious hatred. The RMTB Committee is co-head by JNU's Prof. Zoya Hasan.

  5. Manmohan singh: Muslims have first claim on Indian resources

    Manmohan Singh, the alleged Prime Minister of India and an assistant to Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi, has stated that Muslims have the right to claim India's resources as their own before anyone else can use them. Following the statement, the finance ministry directed banks to set apart for Muslims, 6% of the money given as loans.

    Now, Mohammed Abdul Ali of Arcot, who calls himself a "Nawab," has an even better idea!

    . . . a "minority financial development corporation" with a corpus of Rs.100 crore, an election promise of the Congress, should be created to give interest-free loans to Muslims starting small industries and trade.

  6. Hajj pilgrims exempted from Communist Revolution

    Reports from Kolkata say that the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) decided to exempt Hajj pilgrims from their "Revolution."
    Air traffic to and from Kolkata on Thursday has been grounded in view of the general strike called by trade union Citu
    . . .
    In Kolkata AAI employees union secretary Dipankar Ghose told a news agency that all 2,000 members and supporters of it would stage non-cooperation movement with the AAI management to protest the decision to privatise the development of airports and the management's indifferent attitude towards the demands of employees, including a pension scheme and promotion.

    He, however, said the employees will not interfere with special flights for Haj pilgrims from Kolkata to Jeddah on Thursday evening.

  7. Interpol issues red-corner notice for mastermind behind "spontaneous" fire!

    The interpol has issued a red-corner notoce for Saukat Ahmed Charkha, a key accused in the Godhra train carnage. According to Communists and Muslims, the fire on the train was just an accident. Apparently, the Muslims just threw stones on the dying passengers. Islam is a Religion of Peace.

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