SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 07 Nov 2005

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  1. London's Guardian hints Delhi blasts were fireworks accidents!

    The Guardian of London has an explanation for the terror blasts that targeted Diwali shoppers in Delhi.

    ...there was no immediate official word that the explosions had been caused by bombs.

    In addition, fireworks are widely used to celebrate the upcoming Hindu festival, Diwali, and many markets are crowded with stalls selling elaborate and often very dangerous fireworks.

  2. Eurabia to reward violence by Islamic Ummahgrants

    Responding to the war like situation caused by Ummahgrants in France, the French Interior Minister has made a call to fund mosques and Islamic organizations.
    France since 1905 has had an official separation between church and state.

    The Interior Minister wants the system reformed to allow the state to fund mosques and Muslim associations of moderate religious and political views.
    If the law is "reformed," France will join India as an official Dhimmi state where non-Muslims pay the Jizya. While the report in The Hindu carefully suppresses that the rioters in France are Muslims, International Herald Tribune states that "most of them" are Muslims. That is an accurate description, but an incomplete one. The "rest of them" (who are not part of the group termed as "most of them") are also Muslims!

    The term 'Ummahgrant,' coined by san, has a succinct explanation at Shadow Warrior's blog.

    I call this the phenomenon of 'Hotel Nation' -- hop into a country like checking into a hotel, and then loudly order the staff to cater to you, like a master hollering at his servants. Note that such loudmouths would never tolerate such behavior occurring back in their own lands of origin. But that hypocrisy is totally lost upon them, as they imperiously clamour for everyone to toe their line.
    Meanwhile, there is an Islamic war in Denmark too.

  3. Natwar Singh not ashamed of tie-up with Saddam Hussein

    Reacting to the Volcker Report (see Table III of this report), which points out that Congress Party and the External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh benefited by helping the terrorist Saddam Hussein, Natwar Singh has stated that he does not feel ashamed of his actions.
    "In my 21 years of political life, I have not done anything which I, myself, my son and my grandson should feel ashamed of," Mr. Natwar Singh, accompanied by his son, Jagat Singh, MLA, told a meeting at Kaman town in Bharatpur district on Saturday.
    Last year, the minister who is known for having his foot in his mouth, almost expressed regret to Koreans over India's nuclear program.

    Apparently, the meeting between the terrorist Saddam Hussein and Natwar Singh was made possible thanks to a letter written by Sonia Gandhi who is a "Cambridge scholar" (she attended a certificate course in English from the Lennox Cook School). Sonia Gandhi's father was a member of Mussolini's Fascist Party and fought for the Nazis.

  4. Guardian: Higher pay is exploitation!

    The Communist-leaning Guardian now asserts that paying higher salaries and having a modern work environment with cafes, ping-pong tables, and popcorn booths is exploitation of workers!
    Painful truth of the call centre cyber coolies

    Despite the relatively high salaries, and modern working environments,...

    ...introducing cafes, popcorn booths and ping-pong tables into the offices.

    This article is in response to India's self-confident, communicative, self-starting, and intelligent youngsters who have spurned trade unions.
    But an international alliance of unions that wants to organize them is finding a very different reality in India: many think of themselves as members of a relatively well-paid, respected professional elite in no need of a union’s protection.

    ‘‘I know these young people have a negative image about unions,’’ says Narayan Ram Hegde of Union Network International, a global alliance of 900 unions.
    Educated people shun unions, while the ignorant usually join unions. Hoping to get our educated youngsters to become blind followers of the union controlled by Westerners, Narayan Ram Hegde, a foot soldier of Union Network International, has this to say :
    But ‘‘these professionals are more like cyber coolies,’’ he said. ‘‘We hope we will be able to convince them over time.’’
    Like the Churches that harvest souls in Asian countries after losing membership in the West, Union Network International has now turned to India to recruit members.

  5. Allah sent Ramadan quake to test faith!

    Allah sent the tsunami to punish infidels, drowned the people of New Orleans and Mumbai because they were infidels, but there is a reason for the Ramadan quake that wiped out jihadi terror camps.
    "It was an expression of God's wrath. We have to mend our affairs, particularly our character," he said. "All the happenings around us -- the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina -- all are part of God's wrath."

    Khalil said troubled times are meant as a test for the devout. But he urged survivors to take comfort in their faith.
    Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, asks
    "In the whole of India you don't have any tents? If that is the case then you should say, as Pakistan has appealed for international help, let India also say 'we are not capable of dealing with it'."
    No! We don't have any spare tents. We need them in refugee camps meant for Kashmiri Hindus who escaped the wrath of the Religion of Peace. Please take the tents from your women's wardrobes. Since they walk around in tents, they should be able to spare a few tents.

  6. News "makers": Kaleem Kawaja

    Remember Kaleem Kawaja, President of the Association of Indian Muslims of America, author of the infamous article 'Brother, can you spare a tear for Taliban,' and who was associated with Indian Muslim Alert Network which was exposed here on this newsletter?

    He is into manufacturing news once again!

    Rediff reported that "Trouble arose when members of a particular community raised objections over celebrations of Bharat Milap, a part of Dussehra festivities..."

    Gulf Daily News, The China Post, and Reuters, all reported that Muslims were responsible for starting the violence.

    Kaleem Kawaja had other ideas and made up this fictitious version of events at Mau. Letting fly his imagination, he wrote:

    The riot occurred when a group of violent Hindus attacked a mosque where congregational prayers were being held after Muslims broke their day-long fast. The marauders threw missiles, trash and dirt inside the mosque and disturbed the prayer by playing loud music and making loud noises. That resulted in a scuffle between groups of Hindus and Muslims outside the mosque. Subsequently a large number of shops of Muslim residents were set on fire. The local units of the U.P. Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) used excessive force against the Muslim population resulting in injuries to many Muslims, but did not take action against the violent Hindu mob.

  7. P-secs rejoice as earthquake kills thousands

    Quote from an email sent by a functionary of the so-called Association for India's Development.
    Seems a wonderful year to be busy with community service and lot of opportunities to help people in need. We had an early start with Tsunami, then the rains in Mumbai and floods in AP, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita which kept everyone in US busy and now the present earthquakes in Northern parts of India. How blessed are we to have hands filled with such great opportunities.

  8. Communists admit being ashamed of giving Indian names to their children!

    Indian Communists named after Russian Communists met at a village named Moscow in Kerala. Many of these Indian Communists had Russian names such as Lenin, Gagarin, Pushkin, Natasha Tereshkova, Anastasya, Stalin, Brezhnev, and Khrushchev.

    According to the BBC report:
    Pushkin also gave Indian names to his daughters.

    "I feel ashamed of not showing enough courage like my father. My daughters are called Lakshmi and Reshma," he says.

  9. DYFI members throw stones at themselves!

    The youth wing of Communist Party of India (Marxist) vents its fury on itself!
    According to reports, DYFI activists threw stones at police pickets from the rear of the march, injuring their own workers who were at the head of the march. The police, according to reports, exercised maximum restraint.

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